Customer Services Charter.

Dear Customer:
Reveal Cleaning Solutions Limited main priority is to provide you with a high standard quality cleaning services that you can rely on, always-at a fair price. In doing so, Reveal cleaning aim to make any interaction you have with us as pleasant and as efficient as possible.
In talking to our Customers, their main priority mirrors ours, and in the current economic climate, the issue of affordability is a growing concern and quality of services. In response to our customers, we have decided to offer  “Every New Customer” with a 10% discount on their first cleaning and a further 5% for recommending Reveal Cleaning services to other customers.
We are able to do this while improving our services and addressing other key customer priorities because our reputation is paramount important to us.
We aim to maintain an open dialogue with customers so that the services we provide continues to meet your needs. We have learnt to listen and would like to know what we can do to improve the services we provide to you.
As a business customer, you are entitled to a certain standards of services from us. you are also entitled that those standard are met always so that you are not affected.