Reveal Cleaning Solutions is a human-sized company, responsive and dynamic.

  • Mr. Elias TAMBE

Operations Manager


* NVQ Level 4 in Business Administration

* Level 3 WasteManagement

* B.A. (Hons) in Teology


He has worked as a Sales Representative with Npower for 10 years and has 6 years experience in the cleaning industry working as an Area Manager with Global Contracts Plc before joining Reveal Cleaning Solutions in 2009.

  • Mr. David ENOW

Contracts Manager


* Diplmoma Human Resource Management

* B.A. (Hons) in International Relations

* M.A. (Masters in European Politics)


He has 4 years experience in the cleaning industry and has worked as a Restorative Justice Practitioner for five years before joining Reveal cleaning solutions in 2011.


  • Mrs. Kerry M.,
  • Mrs. Mary FLOWERS

Sales Manager


* Level 5 Advanced Certificate in Professional Sales Management Practice.

* MSc Marketing Management


She has worked for the Samworth Brothers for 3 years before joining Reveal Cleaning Solutions in 2012.

  • Mrs. Rose MARY


NVQ in Business Administration


* OCR Higher Level Diploma in Secretarial procedures.


She has worked for Opus Trust Marketing Leicester for 7 years before joining us in 2009.


  • Mr. Bately LIVINUS

Account Managers

Every customer is assign an account manager that manages all your cleaning instructions and requirement until completion of Contract. Head of the account department is Mr Levinus Bately


* BSC Account and Finance

* 12 years experience working as an accountant.



Our “Cleaning Supervisors” have overall responsibility for the day-to-day cleaning operation so that your Building and its surrounding area are clean and safe for people to live and work in. They are holders of BICSc Cleaning Supervisory Skills and Certificate ability to manage others. They have the following qualities; Basic cleaning skills, Organisational Skills, Multi-tasking skills, Communication skills, and Ability to use Chemicals Safely(COSHH).
Our Cleaning Supervisors undertake the responsibilities in Monitoring Cleaning services quality , assign Cleaning areas to staff, carry out daily inspections to ensure cleaning operatives are cleaning your premises effectively, and to ensure that employees follow health and Safety procedures.



Cleaning Operatives

Our “Cleaning Operatives” (also called a “Cleaner” or “Domestic¬† service assistant”) are holders of BICSc Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate or Cleaning apprenticeship.

They have the following qualities Communication skills, Team working skills, Independent working skills, Literacy and numeracy skills, Basic cleaning skills, Ability to use Chemicals (COSHH), Ability to use cleaning equipment and Good Knowledge of Health and Safety.

Their responsibilities is making sure your Building, Office, Restaurant, Student Accommodation, Dental & Medical Surgery, School, House etc is clean and safe to use.


  • Mrs. Carole BATES,
  • Mrs. Laura JONES.





Our team of friendly and kind receptionist will answer your calls to provide you with the best offers and record or register your cleaning services request.