Why Reveal Cleaning Solutions: for proximity, Multiple Service Offerings and Service Excellence.


We are cleaning company located in Leicester with great experience in the cleaning services at Competitive price rates. Reveal Cleaning Solutions Ltd is a leading cleaning provider in domestic, commercial and office cleaning and one of the fast growing cleaning company in the UK. We specialize in the placement of qualified staff within our company, and a continued professional development programme for our cleaners.


Multiple Service Offerings

We have opportunities for domestic, office and commercial cleaning in Leicester. Our service users satisfaction is at the forefront of our mind and our procedures are in place to provide high quality cleaning to our service users, you, our clients. When compared to other cleaning companies we are able to offer much lower prices for cleaning services. Book a cleaning service through our website is very easy. We not only do all the best for you, but you will know exactly what is included and what’s not in your service. We provide detailed description below for every service and the exact price of your order. There is no hidden costs or charges. What you see is ¬†what you get for your money.

Reveal Cleaning Solutions Limited is committed to abiding by all the cleaning standards and by doing so, ensures there is no disruption to your cleaning service. More importantly abiding by these standards provides us with a wonderful opportunity to provide you our cleaning services. You satisfaction is our number one priority because our reputation is paramount important to us.


If you are looking for cleaning services or want to discuss your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us!


Service Excellence

How do we recruit our cleaners?
- we ask for at least 3 references.
- Proof of address.
- Identification.
- Permission to work in England.
- Interview and language test.
- Passed a cleaning Training.


Our cleaning operatives are very open-minded and easy-going persons always ready to help and to provide you professional advices.